Metamoris II.

The first Metamoris event was something to behold for grappling fans. Twelve of the best grapplers in the world competed against one another in 20-minute, submission only matches. No points were awarded, and you were given a big fat draw if you were unable to obtain that ever elusive tap.

This split the community, between Jiu-Jitsu purists and competition Jiu-Jitsu. With a point system not in place this gave Andre Galvao what he sees as a blemish on his record. A draw against Ryron Graice. It was a fight Galvao remained on top for the majority of, unable to amount any dangerous offense, but on top nonetheless. Ryron however is a very savvy fighter, and likely hasn’t been submitted in a long long time. You’d probably have to get him drunk, and attack him whilst he slept to stand a chance.

The second event has been announced, and there’s a slight change to the rules. Still a 20-minute match, submission only, but if there is not a submission victory, judges will decide who wins. There’s still no points, so this will be presumably based on whomever is getting the better of their opponent.

The matchups are as follows:

Shinya Aoki vs Kron Gracie.
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs Brendan Schuab.
Andre Galvao vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
Braulio Estima vs Rodolfo Viera.
Mackenzie Dern vs Michelle Nicolini.
Bill “The Grill” Cooper vs Ryan Hall.

First up we’ve got Cooper vs Hall. Ryan Hall. This is a fight that will go in Ryan Hall’s favour, presuming Bill Cooper is a drunk guy in a pizza shop.
I’ll bypass the female grapplers, because I don’t know who they are.
Braulio is who I’ll be rooting for here. He’s an adopted Brit, because of his academy in Birmingham, England.
Galvao vs Lovato Jr will be fucking insane. Both are frantic beastly BJJ players.
What the hell is Schuab thinking? He’s a big guy, but “Cyborg” is going to tear one of his legs off.
Aoki vs Kron is about as close to a superfight as we’re going to get. Both are brilliant, quick little grapplers that are always hunting for the submission.

This card is going to fucking rock. Fisticuffs go down on the 9th of June, Budovideos are streaming. I think it’s $20. Not sure how that translates into real money.


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