Non-Training Days & Other Shite.

I have more of these than I do training days. Yet I still get pissy if you break the cycle. Today I couldn’t train, as my local club was dismantling, fixing and rebuilding their MMA cage. It has to be in tip-top condition for a show they’re putting on later this year. So that’s fair enough.

However, selfishly that breaks my Sunday. You see, Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Long lie, bit of BJJ, bit of Xbox, maybe a film and smatterings of socialising. I just love it. So today, without training I’ve been a bit lost. I’ll likely train tomorrow to make up for it, but then that has a knock-on effect for my Monday plans, and so on and so forth.

Remember NoGi? I don’t. I’m sure the last time I trained the stuff was when Jeremy Horn was over last year. So I think tomorrow I’ll be doing that instead of this Gi stuff that I’m entirely in love with. I need to keep things fresh. Whether I attend class, or just faff about with a training buddy, I have no idea.

Storm Thorgerson died on Thursday. If you don’t know who that is, that’s fair enough. As it has nothing to do with grappling. He was an artist, most notably famous for his work with Pink Floyd. He designed most of their album art. Everyone can mentally recall the Dark Side of the Moon prism, and that’s because this man existed. He continued to work with bands well into the modern generation. Working with the likes of Audioslave, Biffy Clyro, Muse and many others. I digged his work, he had a no-nonsense approach to art, and didn’t fuck about with it. Everything had to be done properly, regardless of the ability to relicate easily within photoshop, he liked the hands on approach. So that giant flame on the cover of Audioslave’s first album..? That’s real. Bonkers eh? R.I.P.

Moving on, as you can see I’ll occasionally branch out from yapping about just grappling. If something strikes my mind, and feels the need to leak on to this page, then so be it.

Buh-bye now.


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