Anxiety Squished.

As expected, after a couple of minutes in the gym, I got changed into my purple Scramble shorts, bunged on a non-threatening pink loose fitting t-shirt and approached the circle of NoGi beasts.

I had a playful roll with Neil, one of the regulars. He’s been training NoGi for quite a few years now, and is one of the tougher people in the gym to roll with based on his strength, speed, knowledge, top game and now seemingly his guard. So that was fun. I think I tried to grab his shorts a couple of times, because my hands naturally look for grips now, but aside of that, I feel I rolled quite well. I have no fucking idea how I took his back, or what position I was in when it presented itself to me, but that was a small victory. Especially with the reassurance of others calling it a ‘sexy technique’. It was playful, and I did get caught a few times, but I felt damn good afterwards.

Class was a few simple drills from hand-fighting whilst standing, failed double legs, and where to go from having been sprawled upon. I found these techniques very helpful, and whilst I have seen it before, have had it done to me, etc. I have never incorporated them into my game. How stupid. This will change.


Drill time.


3 responses to “Anxiety Squished.

  1. With those purple shorts and pink top, how could that back take not be sexy?

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