‘Grapplers Anxiety’.

Today I am a less than confident grappler. I have agreed to attend tonight’s NoGi class. This sounds like a great idea, and I should be a lot more active in going to the Submission Wrestling classes but I’m just not. And here’s why.

I suffer from lesser known medical condition, ‘Grappler’s Anxiety’. I’ve been training in the Gi for quite some time now. NoGi has taken a back seat. Actually, who am I kidding, NoGi isn’t even in the fucking car. And whilst I know I’m not going to be a complete idiot on the mat this evening, there’s still a part of me devoted to screaming at my inner self, Barry, guess what? You’ve forgotten everything. What the hell are you even doing here? You’re a fucking idiot!

That’s at the forefront of my brain right now. I’ve already pictured walking onto the mat, unfamiliar NoGi faces looking at me, thinking to themselves, who is this prick in purple Scramble shorts? Luckily the veterans of the mat won’t think the same thing, well I hope they don’t. Bastards.

I know that once I get on the mats, get warmed up and start drilling moves I’ll feel right at home, but the step into the gym this evening will be delivered with an almighty gulp. Does that seem ridiculous for someone that actually knows most of these people? I think it does. I wonder if any of you people out there in the interspace have the same thing. I hope not.

Auf Wiedersehen.


One response to “‘Grapplers Anxiety’.

  1. Totally have the same thing. Hell, even taking a break for a month or so, I’ve got that anxiety about going back. Let alone longer.

    Though I have more anxiety about gi than no-gi. I love no-gi. Unfortunately, no-gi is on hiatus at my gym… *weeps*

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