I Love Drills…

Drills. Drills. Drills.
Drills I do adore.

I’m not a clever enough lyricist to rewrite that Jay-Z classic, so ill just stop right there. Truth be told, I’m not a lyricist at all.

Last night’s class was smashing. Our usual coach wasn’t feeling the sharpest, so decided to skip class, and opt instead to go to one of those doctor things that are all the rage when you’re sick. It was up to a fellow blue belt to run the show.

I arrived early, and decided to have a good old ‘keep it playful’ roll with Darren. Darren’s slightly smaller than I, but he makes up for this by being strong as fuck (landscape gardener), he’s also horribly athletic with a very good NoGi base. As a lot of you will know this can translate very easily over to Gi. We rolled for a good ten minutes, maybe longer, just having fun, stifling one another in various positions and most importantly, we weren’t trying to kill one another. I felt sharper than usual, probably something with the pacing. Time to think.

Grant arrived on the mats, and got the class started. Warmup time. I’m already sweating like a bastard here, having rolled for a bit. I’m quite unfit you know. Judo rolls, cartwheels, bear crawls brought the rest of the class up my level of Jesus Fuckery I’m already tired.

Now onto a drill. We drilled knee on belly into an armbar for 30-40 minutes. I worked with Darren again, and we shared thoughts on the move to keep one another right. My armbars are pretty tight currently.

After a healthy drill session, there’s not much class left, so we did a guard game. The person on the bottom has to sweep or submit, and the person on top has to pass the guard. Regardless of whomever ‘wins’, the person that came into the guard then lies down for the next in line. This is a brilliant game,  that all clubs should be doing if they don’t.

We then rolled. I rolled with Geoff, Shaun, Scott a kid whose name escapes me because I’m a truly horrible person.

First up, Geoff recently got two stripes on his white belt, he’s a strong and quick learner, so we kept the pace playful and I didn’t want to actively look for submissions, but instead, defend bad positions. I gave him my back early, and worked frantically for a while to get out, after realising he was much stronger than I’d anticipated. Once getting out, I played an aggressive top game for a bit, as time was ticking. I started to work an arm, so that he’d break my base and come into my guard. I locked up a triangle, deciding to apply pressure just before the buzzer went for a nice cheap tap. We both laughed at my dastardly plot to unravel his grappling game.

Next up was Shaun, a scrappy as hell MMA fighter. This was really playful, as the heat in the gym was quite high. Neither of us really looked for submissions or got close to any, but the positional switching was very enjoyable.

I then rolled with Scott’s brother Shaun. The only way you’d know they were related is the similar hair and accent. Shaun is around 5’8″ and 76 kilos, whereas Scott is around 6’1″ and I’d hazard a guess at close to 100 kilos. I may be being rude here, but I was hardly gonna ask his weight on the first date.Scott being far bigger than myself took charge here. I just tried to survive. At one point, my face was pressed into the mat and I was completely flattened. I thought, time to get to my elbows. I couldn’t move. I can’t even fathom how the hell I got out from under this beast of a man, but I did. I survived. I then complimented his use of weight, because he never made it overbearing. It was more of a testament to his technique, than his actual size.

I then rolled with the nameless kid. I kept it playful and reminded him of what to do and where. How to pass guard, chokes from the mount, etc. I’ll happily tap to a kid 6,000 times if they’re learning. I’m definitely not going to be the man snapping kids in half, and choking them dead. Well, not until I get my purple belt anyways.

Am I done? I think I am. Goodbye.


2 responses to “I Love Drills…

  1. Jesus Fuckery I’m Already Tired.

    You just described my last year on the mats.

    Thanks for the laugh, Earl Grey through the nasal passages, and my new catch phrase.

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