Comfortably Numb.

Hello, hello, hello. Is there anybody in there?

Guten tag, bitches.

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that on Sunday I was brutally neck-cranked. I’m sure you presumed me dead, but I’ve survived. I approached the week with a fuck it mentality, which is generally how I approach most things. I thought the best thing to do, would be to get back on the saddle as quickly as possible. So on Monday night, just one day after being viciously decapitated, I picked up my severed head and mounted the bitch that is No-Gi. We worked half-guard, played a half guard sweep or submit game, and generally had a good laugh. This eased off the pain in my neck, and I have become Comfortably Numb.

Not stopping there, I attended BJJ on Wednesday with a positive mental attitude. Feeling a bit better in the neck region, it was time to go to work. We learned one of the most fuck awful overly elaborate stupid as fuck omoplatas I have ever seen. Now, I hate omoplatas at the best of times, but this one took the fucking biscuit. I likely won’t be adding it to my very limited arsenal. Now I can see where the instructor was going with the move, and I imagine it’ll be broken down more next week, leading onto a more fluid, less cunty way of doing an omoplata however get to the fucking point. Anyways, I digress. At the end of class we rolled, I think I rolled with Grant first. We mainly just fucked about, pissed on one another’s game, and had a laugh. Next up was another blue belt. This guy was very experienced, having had his blue belt for about ten years (off shore security, non-stable training regime). He was far bigger than I, and just kept me right throughout the roll, filling in gaps, etc. Which was very appreciated. Third and final roll was with the neck-cranker himself. This was another playful roll, working from his guard rather than mine. He’s remarkably strong, but neither of us took the piss. All in all, a good night of grappling (apart from that fucking omoplata).

Tonight’s agenda was more No-Gi, we worked a butterfly pass and a nice little achilles lock. We then rolled. For a change, Friday night was chilled as fuck. This is partly due to good music being on for the first time in a long time. Led Zep were playing us out as we drilled, then Black Sabbath kicked in for the sparring. The rolls tonight were very fluid, technique based. I was triangled once, by The Dragon himself (a man called The Dragon because he has a tattoo of a dragon on his cock).ย The Dragon is a pro-fighter, and has been training all facets of martial arts since he was a kid. Now in his early forties, he brings a wealth of skill that many just aren’t used to. Great to roll with. I rolled with some new guys too, and specifically just worked position to encourage movement. Their movement was good, and you can see they weren’t getting panicked, so that’s positive. Also rolled with someone more experienced, but I couldn’t really gauge how, as the whole night was very light. All in all, great night of grappling.

Time to hydrate, stick the Xbox on and chill. Think I’ll stick some Pink Floyd on. Yes, yes I will.



5 responses to “Comfortably Numb.

  1. I learned to love omoplatas once I learned the holy trinity of submission: armbar -> triangle -> omoplata. Nowadays one of my favorite submissions combinations is to sweep the guy from the omoplata to get a mount triangle choke… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I forever see the holy trinity as you call it, however it’s just a stop gap move, leading somewhere else. Can’t remember the last time I seen someone finished off of an omoplata.

      • I’ve actually see omoplata finishes quite often at our gym (and people at our gym should know the omoplata since we gone through that quite a few times)…

  2. Can I ask how you know about that particular tattoo? ๐Ÿ˜€

    “We learned one of the most fuck awful overly elaborate stupid as fuck omoplatas I have ever seen. … I likely wonโ€™t be adding it to my very limited arsenal.” <- Yes. Yesyes. This. Except mostly because I suck so bad that anything beyond the MostBasicBasic is too damn complicated for me. Its cool to see, and fun to try… but I can't ever imagine using this alligator-roll choke thingamawhatsit we played with tonight. Not gonna happen in this decade. Give me something I can use.

    • Well everyone knows about said tattoo, because said gentleman is quite proud of his massive apendage and rarely stops talking about it.

      I only use the alligator roll to set up other things. A scramble to side or that. I’m too lazy to apply the finishing choke usually. Have only hit it a handful of times. If someone’s turtled, and I can get the head and arm, then I’ll go for the peruvian necktie instead of a roll, same success rate for me. 50/50.

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