Screw You Motivation!

My brain has a funny way of telling me I’m motivated. More recently, my lazy moniker has been slipping, and I’ve been not only training more frequently, but more effectively. Less lazily.
However, I’m finding there are times I would like to train, when I just can’t. And of course times when I can train, and just don’t want to. Can you please explain to me why my brain is broken? How do you find the motivation when it’s just not there? Because I’m approaching this grappling stuff with a 50/50 attitude. Sometimes I’ll go in, raring to go, other times I’ll not even want to be there, and just show up for the sake of it.

I’ve got a competition coming up in July, and I know I’m about to be thrust into a more robust training regime. Including circuit training, weights, and more frequent sparring. I wonder if my mind is just saying, relax whilst you can Barry, you’re about to go full on fucking beast mode.

I trained on Sunday, and felt sharper than I have in a while. I was subbed through stupidity once, and twice through leg locks, but I wasn’t actively trying to defend them. I had a thoroughly good roll with a friend of mine, whereby I spent most of my time attacking his back, he defended better than I could attack, but it was still a really fun roll. I managed to roll quite hard, without being tired. Things were deliberate, but not exhausting. We finished up with that armbar/triangle/omoplata sequence drill. I love that.



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