Oh BJJ, you cruel bitch.

At a guess right now, having not been trained for seven years to receive a medical license in this country, I have a scratch on my eyeball. Now this is a pretty common thing in BJJ. Gis are tough wearing, roughly weaved sons of bitches.

Yesterday  I was drilled a load of sweeps, then I rolled with an assortment of bodies. One of which is a bit heavier than me, but has better control. I’ve started to get quite good at this whole escaping thing of late, so I managed to someone magic my way out of side control, back to what should have been the guard, I have no idea how I did it, it was just what felt like natural movement. As I started to escape, he moved, kept his weight on and I got an eyeball full of weighty Gi. I continued on with the rest of the roll with my eyes closed, which I like to do from time to time anyways.

It was fucking sore, I’ll tell you that. My vision is slightly blurred but the main thing that’s bothering me is how watery my eye is. I constantly look teary. I don’t do tears. I’ll probably do that doctor thing later this week, to see what the beef really is.

Competition training starts soon, with weights and whatnot starting next week. This does not thrill me. I fucking hate weights, but I’ll be looking forward to sparring more frequently with an assortment of bodies. I’m hoping to put as many hours as possible in. I dunno what I’m going to do with my weight. On one hand, I should probably cut so that I’m one of the bigger guys at 70KG, but on the other hand, I cannot be fucked so will probably just enjoy getting smashed at 76KG (presuming I can get there with a Gi on). I seem to fluctuate quite heavily at the moment, it’s a pain in the cunt.

Anyways, that’s enough waffle for one day. I’m still alive and shit, so that’s good.



One response to “Oh BJJ, you cruel bitch.

  1. Those eye scratches can be a bitch. If you end up not doing the Doctor thing, at least keep it flushed out with drops or water. Trust me on this, I got a particularly nasty infection about two years ago from a cornea scratch.

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