Fuck you mount.

Last night we started the class by shrimping up the mats, because shrimpin’ aint easy. That’s all the wit you’re getting today, because I am fucking SORE. From this repeated shrimping we moved onto shrimping out of the mounted position. I’d forgotten how hard this was, because I rarely find myself mounted. It fucking sucks. I’m doing a gesture right now with my hands that shows the required disgust, but you can’t see that, so we’ll just move on. And move on we did. We worked taking a butterfly off of a bridge from mount. All very simple basic stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. But this shit needs worked, all the time.

Enough mount! It’s guard pass time. We worked a few variations on a standing pass. You jump to your feet, deadlift your opponent up and then let them fall with seperated legs to begin an assortment of crushy nasty passes. These will be handy for all the little dickheads that will pull guard in comp. We then moved onto the infamous guard pass game that I love so much to wrap up the class.

Now it is incredible how sore I am today. The shrimps, the escapes and effectively dead-lifting all night has taken a toll on my body as expected but I didn’t think it would hurt this much. Hopefully this isn’t how I’m going to be after I’ve started my weight training next week. I’m about to undergo a strength and conditioning programme for a competition in July. Coincidentally the weight training starts exactly a year after I broke my collarbone. What are the chances?

Another point before I go. Kids. Now personally, I’m not all that fond of the little buggers, and don’t intend to have any myself but aside of that I’m never that sure how to handle them in class. I’m currently taking the stance of being an active dummy for them to fart about with for certain drill games, and rolling. I’ll give resistance based on their size, let them tap me, pass my guard etc – but I won’t attack them. Do you guys agree with this? Or should I be giving a bit more feedback? I’m very conscious of the fact that I outweigh these little things massively, and whilst the image of splattering a kid all over the mats amuses me greatly. The fathers of these kids would likely kick my cunt in.

Oh and before I go, I’m behind on posts on here. I will catch up at some point, your shit will be read.



One response to “Fuck you mount.

  1. Same mount-shrimping nonsense happening up here last night, too. Lovely stuff.

    I have trouble working with kids too. And so I rarely go to the school that includes kids in the class with adults – since I’m a smaller female, I ALWAYS end up working with the kids. It is incredibly hard for me, and I’d assume, for them. The ONLY time I ever have a partner significantly smaller & weaker than me. What a win!

    In general, I just do what the little kiddling-master asks of me, because often the kids who I end up partnered with have been playing at this for far longer than I. And that’s pathetic. 😀 But I do help them out by rolling lightly over them and helping them heft my hugely heavy body over their own.

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