Tighten Up.

..on your reigns, you’re running wild, running wild.
It’s true.

I’ve noticed whilst I’m getting stronger, I’m invariably getting looser (steady) whilst rolling. This is a bad habit to have, because for a while my game was getting quite tight again. I think the problems lies with this whole flowing mentality. I’m trying to flow a little too much, and what is actually happening is I’m basically floating about people, not applying correct pressure when required. This’ll have to be correct promptly, otherwise people are going to run through me at the competition.

Stop being so fucking lazy, you cunt.

Last night was hell. The class was too fucking hot. Now in Scotland, weather reaches a plateau of bearable quite quickly. Yesterday was only 18°C (65°F) but we have this wonderful shitty fucking humidity that comes with it. Think Amazonian rainforest. I’m exaggerating of course, but bitching is better when you exaggerate.

Back to class. We spent far too long fucking about with takedowns that I will never ever fucking use in a million fucking years. I get that we have to learn this stuff to expand our arsenal, understand breaking balance, and of course understand what is happening when someone else does it to us. However, I have watched a fucking shitload of BJJ comps. Single leg or pull guard, seems to be par for the course regardless of level. Fuck your uchi mata. Sorry Judo players.

After this, we played a bit of spider guard into triangle. I felt clunky. Bleurgh. Then we rolled which was intense. Four of us are competing soon, so we were separated into the cage to roll. The idea was simple. Whomever was on their back, would roll for three minutes. With a fresh opponent every minute. Whoever was on top had to be relentless in passing the guard, looking for submissions etc. This was disgusting.

All in all, shitty mood last night, looking forward to a break for a bit and I’ll chuck myself back into action on Sunday.



2 responses to “Tighten Up.

  1. “All in all, shitty mood last night…” I couldn’t tell… lol

  2. That spider to triangle is one of my mainstays. And we call that 3 minute drill the Shark Tank. It sucks mighty ass.

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