Stuck in a Rut.

Before I start, I will make an effort at some point this week to catchup on the posts of everyone I follow on here. E3 was last week and I’ve only just caught up on all the ‘hot’ gaming news. Plus I’ve been busy faffing about with other stuff.

Anywaaays. Training wasn’t the best on Sunday, I got thoroughly raped by everyone and decided to take a break this evening after doing some weights. I currently don’t feel I’m improving at all, which is annoying. I don’t feel I’m getting out of the shitty positions or even learning how to, which again is annoying. So I think I’m going to break things down to fundamentals once again. Drill. Drill. Drill.

I’ll never give this sport up, but by fucking god it’s tiring sometimes. Mastering a million techniques leads you down very different paths. You’ll either be full of joy, because your journey is swimming along at great pace; things are just clicking and you’re starting to see clarity in the sport but wait! You’ve hit a fucking tree, you’re drunk and you shouldn’t even be fucking driving. You absolute prick. You know some stuff, but it’s like your brain is full and it won’t accept any new data. It’s time to upgrade your harddrive, dickhead.

I thought things were going well, I was growing. The fucking Berimbolo actually made sense. Finally. Since then though I haven’t been able to stop people’s attacks, regardless of whether they’re relentless or not. I’m getting stronger, my technique should still be there. Well it is, somewhere. 

The guys I’m constantly rolling with are all at a really good level. So I know it’s not just me being wholly shit. Maybe they’ve cracked my shitty code far easier than I’ve cracked theirs. I’m going to fuck about a bit, to refresh my game. I’m going to do stupid shit, so that I’m not getting caught in my safe zones.

Bleurgh, sorry about the mind spill. I’ll be back to my usual self soon.



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