UFC 162.

So, I still haven’t been to training. It still sucks, but I may attempt the submission wrestling class this evening, if I the endless snot and coughing ceases for a little bit.Eleven days since I last trained. I’m dying here. On the other hand its UFC 162 this weekend. HOLY MOLY, we have a barn-burner. So I’m going to speak a little about that.

Here are what I see as the key fights on the card. Ie, the fights that I give a fuck about. On the undercard we have two fights I’m interested in, they are as follows.
Edson Barbosa vs Rafaello Oliveira. Now I haven’t got a clue who the latter is, but I’m sure I’ve seen him fight at some point. And Edson Barbosa is the wonder kid that everyone thought was going to be the next big thing until Jamie Varner thrashed him. This should be an easy enough fight for Barbosa. He’s a savage striker, and Oliveira has been clobbered before.
Gabriel Gonzaga vs Dave Herman. Herman famously stated  his wrestling was better than anything BJJ can throw at him, and then he got submitted by Big Nog. Nog’s obviously a very good black belt, but Gonzaga has done better on the world stage. What lets him down though is he has the chin of a flyweight. I can see Herman winning this one by TKO, because his wrestling really is fucking good. Annoyingly he’s one of the most athletic guys in the heavyweight division, he’s just fucking stupid with it. For instance, did you know he had no high school wrestling training, but still managed to become an NCAA division 1 wrestler, having only picked up the sport in college. What the fucking fuck kind of monster is this? A lazy one, that has flurries of brilliance in the cage, and then flurries of downright weirdness.

Fuck all that noise. Main card time. Things are about to get interesting. Apparently.
Cub Swanson vs Dennis Siver. Holy shitballs, what a scrap that’ll be. Dennis Siver is a tank, made entirely out of the Berlin Wall. Let’s not focus on the logistics, and difficulties that would pose for battle, but instead focus on his spinning back kick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with the success he does with that stupid ballerina bomb. And then you’ve got Cub Swanson, who after getting viciously KO’d from Aldo a few years back, has kicked himself right up the arse. He’s a vicious little cunt of a man, foaming at the mouth with rage, as he rabidly scalps his victims with his teeth, or something. I think Cub takes this fight, by decision. Both are hearty strikers, but neither will threaten one another standing. Maybe.
Mark Muñoz vs Tim Boetsch. Mark’s just had a massive layoff and has literally cut 70 fucking lbs for this fight. Boetsch will destroy him by barbarian brute-ish-ness. Is that a word? Fuck you it is.
Tim Kennedy vs Roger Gracie. Rear naked in the 2nd round. I don’t see Kennedy’s standup or wrestling posing a threat to Roger at all. And I’m going to be bold enough to say after the King Mo loss, he’ll have been working his standup a lot. He’ll likely throw enough slick jabs to make the military man shoot straight into a world of HELL FIRE.
Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveira. This is an awful matchup for Oliveira. Edgar’s first fight since 2010 that isn’t a fucking title fight. He’ll be able to push a pace that Charles isn’t used to, and will likely either grind him out EVERYWHERE or finish whenever he damn well chooses. Edgar needs the W, he will get it.
Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman. Well this fight has a lot of hype around it. It’s absolute insanity that people think Weidman are going to win, and admittedly even I thought he was going to win for a while but then I started thinking about each fighter. Chris Weidman is an unbeaten, technically great wrestler/submission fighter. He’s a beast, and has even performed well on the grappling circuit. I think he’s incredible, and is definitely the future of the middleweight division BUT I cannot see past the fact that his greatest victory is Mark Muñoz. Now I’m not saying Mark’s shit, it’s just not on the level Anderson has been competing at for years. Then there’s the fact that Weidman hasn’t fought in just under a year. Your first fight back should not be arguably the greatest known fighter on the fucking planet.
Now to Anderson, the messiah of MMA. How many times have we heard that this particular opponent has the sort of skills that could be enough to overthrow the king of the middleweight division? I’ve lost count, because it’s at least six. He’s 38 years old, and is still on top of the world. He’s a freak of nature in his lanky, laser-guided style. His grappling isn’t elite because his striking usually negates the need for a fight to go to the ground, but he’s still a black belt. I read recently that he has been working with Fabricio Werdum and Andre Galvao. Two monsters of the Jiu-Jitsu world. I can only see this fight being a victory for Anderson, by however he pleases. TKO, submission, decision – I don’t care. He’s going to whoop Weidman. That’s not to say that the second time he fights him, he’ll win. I just think Anderson will have Chris worked out long before Weidman does him. It’s difficult to crack The Matrix, and Silva is The One.



4 responses to “UFC 162.

  1. bigdrewsmoove

    Nice writing! I agree with most of your picks, but I think Munoz is going to beat Boetsch. Boetsch should have lost the Lombard decision and he pulled that huge uppercut out of his ass against Okami (but damn, it was impressive). I don’t know much about Kennedy or Gracie so I can’t speak intelligently on that fight. I’ll be pulling for Weidman like I did with Sonnen both times, but I think Silva is going show the world that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Check out my UFC 162 blog and leave me a comment. Thanks.

    • I agree on the Lombard decision. That was a dreadful fight. I think Munoz’s body has been through too much in the last year for Boetsch to worry. Cake walk.

      It’d be great to see Weidman win, he’d instantly be thought of as one of the best fighters on earth, and rightly so. But the more I think about it, the less I see him winning. Bleurgh.

      I’ll check out your blog.

  2. “He’s a vicious little cunt of a man…”

    Never in the history of Cub Swanson has there been a more apt description of Cub Swanson.

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