A Kick up the Arse.

Every so often us mere mortals are going to reach a moment in our development that will almost grind us to a halt. Plateau seems to be the most used word in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because the sport is so complicated. Once you pass white belt, it’s hard to maintain a steady progression but I’m about to change my path through grappledom to hopefully help with mine.

I’m not training enough. So I’ve decided even though I’m no longer a fan of NoGi, I’m going to start taking the classes again. This’ll help with my core, and awareness of position for those situations in a Gi whereby your opponent hasn’t yet tied you up in knots using your own Gi. The aim is to train 4 times a week. Two Gi, two NoGi classes. I’m still going to allow leeway with the NoGi classes, but I really want to shape out my game. My game, as you can imagine is very lazy. I have bursts of effort, in which case I’ll usually get the sweep or the choke or the armbar, etc. But these bursts of effort are few and far between, so it’s time to make my game more natural. More about feel than HOLY SMOKES THERE’S A CHOKE. Apply. Apply. Apply!

Yesterday some of my teammates went to a competition and cleaned up. Each one returning with a medal. This is great news, and shows that whilst we don’t have a very regular setup for our Jiu-Jitsu training, it’s still working immensely. I should have been there yesterday, but a misunderstanding meant I couldn’t go. These things happen, there are plenty more competitions in the sea, or something.

Today I’m at a loss. I should be training, but the man who opens shop is off to a music festival. I think I’ll convince someone to come see Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro fucking rocks.

Anyhoo, adeus.


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