The UK is going through what is called a heat wave at the moment. And it is sensationally hot right now. According to Google, Dundee right now is as follows: 21°C / 70°F, 0mph Wind, 0% Precipitation, 69% humidity.
Now to those of you outside of Scotland, this hot sticky clammy filthy heat is probably nothing but to me, a lowly Scotsman it’s horrible. I’ve experienced for hotter temperatures, but there’s something special about this little rock and how it makes you feel disgusting with such pathetic heats. I dread to think what London feels like right now, with its bustling airless metropolis.

So far this week I have trained twice. Monday and today (Wednesday).
On Monday I did my usual weight routine, of which I’m about to switch up. I then took part in Submission Wrestling. I was partnered with Omar, a man I’d never formally met before but recognised. He was the perfect training partner. Right resistance, drilled each manoeuvre to death and was fun to roll with at the end. We went over some basic butterfly guard. Escapes, re-establishing butterfly,  leading into the guillotine & finished on rolling. It was a good class, but I felt dead afterwards thanks to the heat.

Tonight was Gi. We started with pulling guard & breaking someone’s guard as soon as they pull it. Act fast dickhead, this’ll save your life. We then worked armbars, and how to escape them. Triple-tiered-attacks and what to do next. So if someone is attacking with a cross collar choke that can also lead to a triangle or an armbar, what do you do? PANIC. No, you stay calm and crush their nuts. That’s right. Jiu-Jitsu. We then worked on mount defense. I’m dead again, thanks to the heat.

I haven’t really bothered to add my usual flair to this post, because I really cannot be arsed. I just wanted you to know I’m still plodding away. Training as regularly as I can. I’m feeling stronger, and somewhat fitter at the moment. Whether that’s the case or not, I don’t know. I’m done for now.



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