Getting Tricky.

Every so often I have those moments of clarity when I realise I’m not as shit as I think I am. Today I had one of those days.

Speedy Elliot was in town to take the class, and since he’s a footlock wizard he showed us more of his approach to ripping anything needed to stand you up. If he were to fight an elephant, I would not be surprised if the elephant limped away thinking, what the fuck.

Now, for the most part I’m afraid of footlocks, kneebars, etc but today I was very comfortable with all of my training partners. Grant, Neil, Paul & Sloany. Great guys, I know I can trust them not to explode my knee, foot, toes or face.
We worked a few kneebars from De La Riva, and rolled into footlocks and whatnot from here. I’ll not go into too much detail because I cannot be arsed, as per.

The standout move though was at the very end. Paul’s a Judo wizard. One of those black belts in fact, so Speedy decided to show him something and then share it with the class also. It was a rolling kneebar from standing. Now it blew my fucking mind for two reasons. One, it makes you look like a ninja. And two, anyone can do it as it’s a confidence move.
You grip the back of your opponents collar with one hand, and their sleeve with another. It’s your typical Uchi Mata (I think that’s spelled correctly, if not ram it) set up. Instead of going for your Uchi Mata though, you want to drop your hand from the sleeve to their foot and roll over your shoulder whilst keeping a grip of their collar. You land in a kneebar. It’s beautiful. Now you still have to kick through like an Uchi Mata, but it’s honestly an effortless process once you beat the fear of faceplanting. Paul’s eyes lit up as if Neil Diamond walked in the room. He’s a big Neil Diamond fan. Probably.

We finished up the class with our usual sweep or submit/pass the guard game. I felt I did very well at this, even passing straight into mount of one of the more experienced guys, and taking someone’s back from deep half. It just flowed. Lovely.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to Neil, a good training partner of mine who finally got his blue belt today. It has been a long time coming that’s for sure and there isn’t anyone more deserving. He’s a killer.

After the presentation, and old man gestured me back onto the mat. His name is Craig, and he’s one of the most experienced guys in the club. Whilst he’s a white belt in BJJ, he’s a kick your fucking cunt inbelt, in wrestling, kali, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc. He’s a handful to say the least, and usually kicks my arse rolling. Today we flow rolled, and I was able to pull off a few things on him that I did not expect. This is where I’m getting tricky. I was finding footlocks in places I didn’t know there were footlocks, if you get my drift. You know when you just fall into a move? Wonderful.

Anyways, fuck off. Love ya, etc.



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