Twenty One Days.

That’s a long fucking time without your fix from the most electrifying Jiu-Jitsu blogger in my entire house.
Where have I been? I’ve shifted my lazy focus around, I’ve relaxed with the posts to give myself and yourself a break. I didn’t want to recycle the same ideas over and over again, and felt I was getting a bit tired in my writing. These things happen when you’re unoriginal and decide to do a blog on something you’re still fumbling through.

Training is going well. I’m feeling more and more confident each day, picking up lots as I go along. I’ve added an arsenal of nasty leglocks, kneebars and footlocks to my arsenal, and I fucking love them. My overall aim is still to not have a speciality. I don’t want to be known as the leglock guy, or the armbar or guillotine guy, or whatever. I just want to be that bastard you roll with, and know you’re fucked. Is that too much to ask? Obviously that’s a long way off, but a man can dream.

More recently, well Sunday in fact – a good friend of mine received his brown belt. Now Raphael is a guy I’ve mentioned before, he’s our slick (former purple belt) Brazilian. I’ve known for a while he was getting his brown belt, but just didn’t know when. He is a silky smooth grappler, that gives problems to the biggest of guys, even though he weighs less than a bag of potatoes. Ever rolled with quicksand? That’s Raph’. It was a pretty brilliant moment to see someone from our little club getting the respect and admiration he deserves. Speedy was very complimentary, and does not give out brown belts easily. This is the third, full stop.

Remember the whole train as much as I can thing? Can’t commit to it, so I’m back to training a couple of regular classes a week with the odd exception. What’s next? I’m aiming to go down to Newcastle in October, for a class or two with Speedy at his own gym. He’s a superstar, and his club breeds monsters. I’d quite happily get my arse kicked by any of them just to see where I’m at. I don’t feel I’m getting dominated as much anymore. Whether that’s the case or not, I have no idea – however I don’t practise that ego thing, so I’m staying positive.

I’m still alive.


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