Today was a good class. I felt extremely comfortable rolling.

Raphael is leaving us, to go to Suffolk (which is in England). I’m not sure what’s there, really but he has to move so that’s that. Before he went though, he imparted some further knowledge, involving a twisty turny upside down guard armbar/back-take depending on how you feel at the time. It was slick, and I’m going to start working it into my game.

Today, I was very much in a defensive mode. Lazily playing about, stifling, etc. Every so often I attacked, and had moderate success with it. I tapped The Incredible Hulk a couple of times. He’s a character that hasn’t been to BJJ in a while due to fight training (MMA), and I hope to see more of him at the classes. I think I bumped into the walls about 400 times with Jeff. Which meant we kept resetting. I still stole an armbar from him though, and completely shut him down later (he was trying to choke me, but I was on the telephone). Silly Jeff.

This lazy shit has its drawbacks though. After laying back for a good minute or two, whilst Jeff tried to apply the worst head-and-arm choke in the world, I decided to spring into action. This resulted in me getting cramp in my calf, so I ended up mounted again seconds after my gracefully rise to glory. Cunt.
Also, the warmup at the start also muted my desire for the class in the first place.

What’s next? Well more of the same really. Ideally I’m going to be training a lot more the week after next, because I’m on holiday. I’ll be able to chill out, train more, and vegetate with GTA V (I have been waiting years for this).

My writing lacks a little direction at the moment, because my mind is preoccupied with other things. I’ve just watched Inception for the second time, my brain is still jelly.



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