A Scattered Recount of my Lapse.


I haven’t written in an awfully long time due to the absence of my mind and well, Jiu-Jitsu itself. I haven’t been training as often as I should have throughout September and October and didn’t really feel there was anything to report. So let’s get you up to speed on what there is to report.

First of all, Raphael’s back. He actually only left for a week; unhappy with his new place of residence he came scurrying back up the road ready to train again, with that new brown belt wrapped around his waist. This is an asset to our club.

It doesn’t feel like my game is evolving currently, but it must be because I’m catch people I wouldn’t normally, and more importantly I’m defending against people I wouldn’t normally. This has paid off, as I was awarded a stripe on my blue belt. I now have two. This happened yesterday.

The other week I did the one thing that no person should ever do when training Jiu-Jitsu, or well any sport. I trained dehydrated. What a silly prick I am. The result of this was a pretty tough session, in which I had a lot of acid reflux burning my throat whilst rolling. I lasted a couple of rolls before feeling faint and needing to vomit. A first! Don’t do it kids.

What else? Some friends scurried off to Sweden the other month to train with the legendary Roy Harris. He went over a lot of basic stuff, that has rounded out their games immensely and turned them into complete killers. This does not bode well for me.

I’ve recently found out that I’ve forgotten how to do armbars. I used to have quite an attacking approach to them before I broke my collarbone AGES ago. It used to be my thing. Yesterday whilst rolling, my hips just didn’t seem to be communicating with my head. This also caused problems for a rolling kneebar we were working. I need to work on this.

On the other hand, I’m finding sweeps and back attacks a lot easier. This is good. I just need to drop this whole lazy thing I do so well. Sometimes I get flattened out because I literally cannot be fucking bothered shrimping to my side. Awful.

There’s a competition coming up in December; if I can afford it I’m going to put myself in for it, and crush all that stand before me. I’m done for now.

adeus, or whatever the fuck I used to say.


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