Tomaty Soup.

As I write this blurb of what’s what, I’m eating what I like to call Tomaty soup. It’s from the wonderful Heinz company, of which I can only say by sounding like a pissed off Stormtrooper (no, not Star Wars). Here, try it. “VEE NEED ZE HEINZ!”

I like a bit of salt, and plenty of black pepper in my Heinz Tomaty soup. I also like approximately one million slices of bread with it, although I’m trying to drastically reduce my bread intake. Boo hiss.

Anyways, that’s enough talk of my lunch. We’ve got Jiu-Jistu to discuss. As stated earlier in the week, I’m back to training. So last night went well. There were quite a few newbies, so we went straight back to basics. And we all know how important the basics are.

It was quite simply a mount drill all class. We did the Oopa (sic) escape, and the Ezekiel Choke. And various branches from each. Basic but brilliant. The Ezekiel choke is one of my favourite chokes, period. I love that nasty little fucker, because it works in so many places.

We then did a mount roll. Sweep or submit, reset sorta thing. This was good fun, as it gave me an opportunity to work with some of the advanced guys and some of the new guys. The great thing about new guys, is you can tell they just don’t understand what you’ve just done to them. They sorta have that dog hearing a human fart for the first time, face. WHAT WAS THAT?! It’s no bad thing. We were all there once. Christ, I still am whenever I roll with someone half decent.

Unfortunately Sunday’s class isn’t going ahead, although there may be an open mat I can attend. I’m getting a hankering for NoGi. I haven’t done it in ages, however whenever I do I just wish I was in the Gi. It’s this sort of conflict that unbalances the world, y’know.

Anyways, my soup’s pretty much done. Off you fuck.

I can’t remember my Portuguese saying I used to sign off with, and REFUSE to go looking for it.

Cheerio bitches.

P.S. Metamoris 3 this weekend. Except a post summarising the whole shebang.


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