About Royler Gracie X Eddie Bravo II

This is a brilliant insight from Roberto Atalla. Well worth the read, if you haven’t already.


Much has been said already all over the World about this match, myself wrote briefly on the post just below this one in our team’s blog, but after watching the match again I decided to write a bit more. All reflects my point of view and nobody’s else, and I hope that it goes as contructive to all involved and to every BJJ practitioner that cares about understanding the sport, its essence and evolution.

In Metamoris 3 much was at stake, not only for the fighters but also their own styles and philosophy as well as their technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.

In a 20 minutes match that can be won only by a submission, the strategy clearly is not the same as in a normal 10 minutes with points and advantages of normal comps. So I believe both grapplers made their game plans, and worked hard before the…

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