Brain Fart.

Last night’s open mat was a bit of a mess to be honest. I couldn’t conceivably achieve the thing I wanted to do, because A) I’m not good enough and B) physics. It’s OK though, I swiftly moved on and worked other stuff with different people. Kev’ and I practice at least a few drills before every class now, so we continued that into the open mat. A mount escape, a De La Riva/Berimbolo to side control (which I fucked up multiple times), a sneaky little triangle that cuts the arm in, to move it out of the way (it’s brilliant), and Kev’ had this delicious armbar from Spider Guard. I’ll be stealing that and adding it to my game, because I was able to get it tighter than a duck’s arsehole. I can say confidently, if I can implement this into my game, I’ll be snapping arms. SNAPPING MOTHERFUCKING ARMS.

I rolled with Grant, as he was wanting to work something new into his game, that was quite trickily setup. I’m not sure if he was able to do so against me, because we tend to cancel one another out even when rolling slowly/easily. I always enjoy rolling with Grant, because it’s good to know we can still catch one another.

Then for the grand finale, I rolled with Neil. Christ knows how long we rolled for, probably around 30-40 minutes, of back and forth experimentation. Both with different aims, entirely. I always try to survive with Neil, with the occasional attack. He attacks throughout, from various positions to try and link things together. Submission transitions for instance, and he’s fucking good at it. All in all though, it’s always a great roll, because you find yourself in really shitty positions, and just have to work out of them.

Now my fitness is bloody terrible. I really have no desire to do anything outwith classes, bar my usual run of pressups and situps. I’m hoping that fitness just takes over again. Cardio through grappling, and all that shit. I’m toying with the idea of training tomorrow night. Submission Wrestling with the king of brutality himself. That depends on how much seething anger and hate I can build up from today and tomorrow at work.

Adios motherbitches.


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