After my last few sessions at BJJ I’ve been feeling a bit of that dreaded funk. Things are getting stale, and you’re becoming stagnant in your abilities. In fact it even feels like you’re moving backwards. Dropping bits of knowledge from your big fat stupid brain. There’s a part of you, telling you that’s not true. You need to really focus on that, to get past these shitty moments. For weeks now, I’ve been battling away at my own abilities. Getting smashed about by everyone and their dog. My cardio is shit, I’m not very strong and I just felt like I couldn’t tie things together, at all. I’m at a plateau as I watch the others around me getting better. This is all just a fucking illusion, and I’ve managed to keep moving forward until I climbed above that grubby little plateau.

Today I had a really fun class. Starting off with the usual warm up capers. Bear crawls, forward rolls, gorilla walks, gorilla/bear combo thingy. Shrimps out of side control, guard passing nonsense, etc. All the usual shit that gets you nice and warm for a good class. We followed that with some kimura situps leading onto one of my favourite kimura drills, period. It’s a Mario Stambowsky setup, whereby you kimura sweep into mount, then roll back to lock them in tight to finish the move. I’ve done it a million times, and I never fuck it up which is a confidence boost.

After that, we rolled the afternoon away. I made it my mission to attack more, and with that came quite a bit of success. I think of the people I rolled with, there was only one I didn’t tap, which is good. I mostly just kept it playful, farted about a bit and took my opportunities when I could. I’ve got plenty to work on though. I keep finding myself getting caught by the same shit, so it’s time to go back to drilling armbar/triangle escapes, etc.

I’m done for now.


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