Rolling Through Mud.

Today I’m going to take you on a little journey. I’ll start by setting the scene. It’s dark, and you feel alone. You’re surrounded, but you’ve never been here before. There are no familiar faces. What you see before you, whilst standing in your fresh white gi, and fresh white belt is mud. The mats are littered with it. This place is filthy, and you just don’t understand why.

The class starts, and you’re still completely in the dark whilst everyone around you is laughing and having a good time. They’ve been here before, they know what’s what and they know how to deal with the crushing volumes of mud. You’ve managed to suffer through a whole class just getting splattered occasionally. Your fresh white Gi is speckled. Filthy disgusting mud.

It’s time to spar, but it’s alright because you’ve watched this on the TV. You know what you’re doing, you’ve swam before. Suddenly you’re drowning. Thick dark mud is all around you, and there’s nothing you can do but throw your limbs out in a spastic fashion.

You’re in the deepest darkest recesses of the worst possible place imaginable, fighting off attacks that you don’t even truly understand. What do you do? Take a deep breath, and relax because you’re going to be here for a long time. The more you get to know this game, the better you’re going to be at defending yourself from the thick clogging chokes, the slippery surface of the mats, and the overall sense of dread when you’re faced with a new foe. You will get dirty, you may come close to drowning, or hurting limbs, etc but soon you’ll realise that you’re no different than they are. You are mud. Be mud, my friend.


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