2014 My Jiu Jitsu journey

This is my friend Grant. We’ve been friends and training partners now for years, and he’s finally plucked up the courage to write his own blog.

As a lot of you will know, it’s a great way to vent or share thoughts and feelings on this ridiculous sport we love so much.

Expect BJJ chatter and swearing, and give him a follow even though he’s a cunt.


2014 has been a strange year for me in my jiu Jitsu journey full of ups and downs.

It all started in the usually way, training was good… well by good I mean it was ok, coaching and training twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday in the Gi with some Monday & Friday sessions thrown in randomly but I put those on hold as I was also training for a fun run.

The fun run was in March and had a distance of 8miles(13.1km), a lovely jaunt through the streets of Edinburgh finishing off at the home of Scottish rugby which is Murrayfield stadium. I completed my run in 1:05:04 which I was really impressed with and I also raised a few £’s for the National Autistic Society.


Now because I put BJJ on the back burner for a few months I found it really hard to get back…

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