Daniel Cormier.

Whilst playing my Xbox last night with some friends, we were talking about Daniel Cormier. DC is a man that I would describe as looking like the Everyman. So much so that if someone told you he was a bar owner or a removal man, you probably wouldn’t doubt them. Put him in a pair of Levi’s and a checkered shirt, he’s one of US. He doesn’t look like a super-athlete. He’s a short, compact man with a barrel mid-rift. It’s part of his brilliant mystique as a fighter.

Whenever I see Daniel Cormier fight my immediate reaction is holy fucking shit, this man can throw down! I immediately forget that he’s one of the best wrestlers to ever grace MMA. I’m still seeing this imaginary Everyman that I decided to make up for his body-shape.

As a fan of the grappling arts, I can appreciate his style. Whilst his kickboxing is sharp as shit thanks to Javier Mendez at AKA (American Kickboxing Academy), he uses it expertly to close the distance and then work HIS game. He’s going to grab a hold of you, and no matter how big you are (I’m looking at you Josh Barnett), he’s going to throw you around like a dirty fucking towel.

Tonight he faces Jon Jones. A man that divides people quickly. He’s an incredible athlete, has a brilliant skill-set but isn’t infallible. Big Gus proved that. Another thing that Jones has going against him is the fact that he’s a fucking dickhead. His arrogance is a trait he’d be best without. A world beater like Chuck Liddell or GSP managed to get to the top without being cunts.

Now I’m no fool, Jones is the toughest man DC will likely ever face but I think as soon as DC closes that distance (Jones’ footwork is terrible), it’s Daniel’s fight for the taking. He will wear Jones down and take him into the deepest waters he’s been in yet. He will drown under Cormier’s unrelenting attack and we WILL have a new champion. I can’t fucking wait.

Now, what will become of an angry Jon Jones? Hopefully it’ll humble him, and he’ll become the fighter we want him to be, sans cunty side.


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