Polaris: A Summary.

Hello again mat warriors. I’ve decided to write a little bit about Polaris from the weekend. I’m not going to be negative about it, because it doesn’t really achieve anything, and it’s not my place to do so really.

Let’s start with the presentation. I thought it worked well. They clearly set up some mats on a theatre’s stage, and I imagine with that it gave a lot of the audience a very good view. They had a fight announcer, and a pretty decent commentary team. Nic Gregoriades being in my mind the most important addition. His wealth of grappling knowledge really added to the team.

Darragh O Connaill vs Max Campos (gi) – This was a tough fight that mostly had them cancelling each other out. Campos hit a couple of lovely sweeps from open guard, jumping straight into top control, only to not be able to capatilise on anything. I think they were both just too evenly matched to get off on one another.

Kit Dale vs Victor Silverio (gi) – Kit Dale was clearly injured coming into this fight, as his ankle was strapped up. Victor could have attacked it, but being a gentleman, he didn’t. This fight hit a bit of a stalemate too, I think they were both very concerned about gassing due to the fifteen minute time limit.

Michelle Nicolini vs Angelica Galvao (gi) – This was a contender for fight of the night. Galvao is clearly a very strong competitor even in her infancy as a black belt. She very nearly got Nicolini in a dominat position, but Nicolini was having none of it and pulled a slick toehold out of nowhere. I remember thinking this was a bit of a mismatch prior to the fight, as Nicolini has had a black belt for around 8 years now, and she’s been very bloody active with it.

AJ Agazarm vs Oli Geddes (no gi) – AJ thoroughly dominated this fight with his superior top control. Oli was giving a fair bit of resistance back, and it was thoroughly engaging throughout with AJ even playing up to the crowd a bit. The finish was a ridiculously tight triangle.

Whilst the intermission was on, there was a presentation by BJJ Hacks that was superb. Three short films if I remember correctly. It was good to see things broken up that way, and other events could definitely learn from it.

Eduardo Telles vs Mike Fowler (gi) – This match was a slow burner. Telles being a veteran of the sport, has a slow methodical, smothering style. Fowler really couldn’t get going before of that.

Pablo Popovitch vs Eduardo Teta Rios (no gi) – Everyone seen this as a mismatch, but Teta very seldom looked in trouble. He was cool, calm and composed throughout and I think he’s one to watch.

Marcin Held vs Garry Tonon (no gi) – Another contender for fight of the night. All three-four minutes of it. Both fighters were extremely game, and thoroughly up for scrap, exchanging positions multiple times before Tonon locked up the toehold and got the tap.

Keenan Cornelius vs Dean Lister (no gi) – The final fight of the night, and one that the commentators referred to as the passing of the guard. What you have to remember here is that Keenan and Dean are friends, and probably weren’t trying to kill one another. It’s this fight that convinced me that Keenan is just fucking incredible. His control throughout, the opportunities he created and the finish of a savvy veteran just convince you that at 21/22 Keenan Cornelious really is one of the best on the fucking planet, and that’s scary.

Roll on Polaris 2, please. I think it had a better production than Metamoris throughout, and I certainly enjoyed it more (although that may be down to the matches booked). There are still problems with the submission only format though, and that’s a shame but I’m not qualified enough to come up with the solution.

Peace out for now.


One response to “Polaris: A Summary.

  1. Nice… great summary. Yeah this tournament had its ups and downs… I’m not qualified to pass judgment regarding tournaments, however competed in a few submission only tournaments, I feel this submission format doesn’t have the pressure. I mean these are super fights… if you draw you win or do you lose, here in the dilemma to win or lose? does winning or losing matter in BJJ? or is it just about being able to put yourself in a position to test yourself and testing your opponent… only i one battle. That being said, maybe they should have a larger bonus for the winner? or have a sudden death to determine a winner, if there is a draw, like Submission Challenge in which a competition I’ve competed in, in the past not too long ago, in Minneapolis.

    Keenan is a freak… at the age of 22, embriotic stage of his BJJ career and journey. Nuts… sometimes i wished i started as early.

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