A Slice of Nirvana.

Hello word sufferers. My mind has been mush of late, and every time I’ve started writing I’ve gotten to a point where I just have to stop because I just can’t be fucking arsed. It’s not that I don’t want to write about training, it’s that I’m having trouble wording certain bits and bobs. So expect a sub-par post here, and I assure you normal service will resume shortly (if it doesn’t, just go straight back to the fucking start).

Today was a little slice of Nirvana. Now I’m neither Buddhist or Hindu, so I’m not talking about either of the spiritual meanings of Nirvana. I’m talking about the unbridled joy you get from something truly special. In this instance it happens to be a little Sunday class of Jiu-Jitsu.

Four of us showed up this morning, semi-eager to train. Myself, Andrew (JFK look-alike), Lewis & Luca. We had no fucking clue what to train, and the onus fell on me to decide. Whilst I did that, Lewis put some music on, and WELL I’LL BE DAMNED, it was only THE fucking Nirvana. Kurt Cobain’s powerhouse of grungey brilliance. Great training music.

So for two hours we worked on three simple things. We swapped partners every so often to keep ourselves fresh, and to get a different feel from the moves we were doing. Our whole class was spent on sweep or submit drills.
We started in side control, with the the person on top looking to keep top control and submit, whilst the bottom tried to wriggle their way out like a creepy little worm to retain guard, sweep, or PANIC!
After that we moved onto a turtle position. Whomever was on top had to try and take the back, leading to a finish. Whilst the person in turtle had to try and stop all that bullshit.
Finally, mount. A supremely shitty position for many. To make it semi-fair, we started in a low mount (at the hips). The person on top tried to find the submission, whilst the person on bottom tried to escape to guard or some other such wonder.

It was a very simple session, but I cannot fucking explain how great it was for it. There was no bullshit, no trying to kill one another, we were free to explore techniques within the construct of the drill, and were doing so with live training partners. It was brilliant.

In typical fashion, I was mauled more than a few times, but that’s the nature of the sport. I’m not here to be the best in the world, I’m here to stop myself going insane from all the other chaos in this big-stupid-fucked-up-stinking-world.

Anyways, that’s all folks. Off you fuck.


2 responses to “A Slice of Nirvana.

  1. I miss Sunday’s, very jealous

  2. I like that drill – maybe I’ll try it this weekend. I’m trying to learn to see more submissions, and to try all of my options (not just my most successful ones) to escape crappy positions.

    It goes fifty-fifty, though, whether the folks I do this drill with understand the premise of the drill, or whether it descends into madness and full-on rolling. BOYS.

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