Balls, Knee and Face.

Every so often you’ll show up to class in one of those can’t-be-fucking-arsed moods. Being honest, I’m in that mood A LOT. It’s nothing to do with Jiu-Jitsu, it’s just that I’m always fucking working, and with that I’m mentally drained pretty much all the fucking time. Once I get going in class, I’m my usual self. Happy to be there. Privileged to be learning something new and wonderful each and every time I step onto the mats, and crawl off of them a broken shell of a man.

Last night we worked more Knee on Belly stuff. Knowing when to apply pressure, how to ride the position, where your weight should be depending on your opponent, etc. There was also a nice sweep, and finish from dorsal that I’m sure you’re all aware of.

After this, we did another sweep or submit drill. Obviously from Knee on Belly. I love these drills, because it encourages chaos in brief encounters. You learn quickly from them, and you can take approaches that you wouldn’t normally when rolling, because the worst case scenario isn’t all that bad at all.

Let’s talk about what else came of last night’s class.

  • Darren kneed me in the balls, but I kept going like a trooper.
  • I was also double legged by Olly, who used my balls as leverage point.
  • I clashed knees with Darren later on, which meant I couldn’t stand for about a minute.
  • And finally, I took a shin to the face from Luca.

This is exactly the sort of class you need every once in a while to snap you out of any mental funk, whether Jiu-Jitsu or otherwise. Sure, I got battered in ways that I shouldn’t have been, with unintentional painful moves, but I continued and laughed about it later. Maybe it’s just my corrupt brain, but getting a bit of a beating every now and again wakes you the fuck up. Life isn’t so bad, and if the worst thing that’s happening to you right now is a few stray strikes to the balls, you’ve got plenty to smile about (albeit after the pain has dissipated).

I think I’m done. Peace out.


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