Keep it Simple.

Hello again wonderful people.

This week I found myself in the unlikely position of teaching. The club’s head BJJ coach is away on holiday, and I was given the opportunity to take his place. I’ve been training regularly, and it’s pretty much a given that I’ll be at the BJJ classes come rain, sleet or shine. My complete lack of confidence in myself didn’t deter me from teaching, I just charged forward in both classes and made sure the focus was on keeping it simple.

I wanted to keep momentum on what Billy was already covering, whilst maintaining a basic enough approach that everyone could pick it up, and it seemed to go down well.

On Monday night, I covered a mount escape (knee elbow nonsense) that lead into a half guard. Once you’re in half guard, I gave the option of creating space to take the back, or sweeping from deep-half. The deep-half lead a few places too with the assistance of a fellow purple belt by the name of Grant (Donald asked a question that I failed to answer, and luckily Grant knew the answer. I’d forgotten, like a chump).
I then made a simple game out of this. You start in mount, escape to half, use the deep-half sweep then step over into mount. Your opponent now has a turn. Rinse and repeat until the time is up, then swap partners. It was bloody exhausting, on a very hot and humid night, but it went down WELL.

On Wednesday night, I showed off a simple triangle setup that I saw a while back from a visiting black belt by the name of Yannis. I’ve since added my own little tweaks to it, not because it’s better but because it works for me, that way. That’s all Jiu-Jitsu is really, concepts and ideas that you adapt to suit.
From here, Judo Paul was exploring the armbar off of the failed triangle. So we added that in, then later tweaked it further with some grip changes to make it a super-tight armbar.
I then put Paul in a shark tank because he’s training for a fight so fuck him, he needs to work. We then rolled normally for the rest of class. It was good fun, and again I think it was pretty well received. It’s certainly boosted my confidence in the techniques I know, because whilst I still roll like I’m drowning in quick-sand, I do know shit, and I think from time to time you have to show people what you know, just to realise yourself that you actually know it. That sounds a bit stupid, but it makes sense in my ghat damn brain box, yo.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, I finished up Wendesay night by attending Wrasslin’ Paul’s weekly NoGi Question Time. Paul’s a wonderful grappler (and also a different Paul from Judo Paul, who knew?), who has dabbled in many differents arts, but his specialities lie in wrestling and Catch As Catch Can. He’s a very smothering grappler, that will drive you through the floor until you can feel Satan’s pitchfork stabbing at your arse.
He has these little sessions, where you’re given the opportunity to work whatever the fuck you want. So tonight we worked some techniques from turtle, and pressure in side control. It really is question time, you say “Uncle Paul, show me a really fucking tight choke from turtle.” and he will. It’s all basic stuff, but from a very different school of thought, which is vital in this sport, because whether you want to admit it or not, grappling’s grappling.

I’m still on a very enjoyable path at the moment. I’m far less of a cantankerous cunt, because I’m training often, and enjoying each class I attend. In the words of some self-help wanker, it’s never too late to invest in yourself. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Love and kisses, fuck off. x


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