Expanding the Family.

Scott and Shaun Edmondson are two hard nosed bastards that reside in deepest darkest Fife. Don’t let the rumours fool you, these two aren’t the inbred goons that Fife lore would have you believe. They’re both experienced grapplers and fighters that have been on the scene (bleurgh, I sound like a fucking beatnik) for years.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of going to their new facility in Markinch. It’s a tiny wee town in Fife, near Glenrothes. If you’re from anywhere but Scotland, you’re probably thinking we live in some J. R. R. Tolkien fantasy land with burrows and whatnot, and you’d be fucking correct. That is in part thanks to the fact that most of Fife is made up of hobbits and other cretinous creatures.

Scott and Shaun have been invited to train/teach at an old warehouse, where I’m sure at least 15 mob killings have taken place (this may or may not be true). The warehouse has since been cleaned up of spilled blood and the stench of death, and the ground floor is now matted. The mats are a bit thin, but I think that’s because the original intent was Tae Kwon Do. Here’s the kicker though (get it? because of Tae Kwon Do) the facility has a first floor, perfect for expansion. So Scott and Shaun are going to get that matted too, and the idea in its most simplistic form is to have classes running on both floors. One for Tae Kwon Do, and one for MMA or BJJ or Submission Wrestling. Perfect.

Yesterday I was given the grand tour. Grant had already seen the facility in all its muster. As you can probably tell it’s a great place with tons of potential, but we were there for a different reason. Y’see Scott and Shaun came to an agreement with the owner. They’d teach/help out as long as they could use the Origin Jiu-Jitsu banner for BJJ. We’re part of that family. One created by Maurcio Motta Gomes and championed by the likes of Marc Walder and Speedy Elliot, amongst others.

Speedy wanted Grant to nip up to Markinch, and ensure that Scott and Shaun received their blue belts. The pair of them should have been blue belts years ago, but have always missed gradings, shit happens. So in lieu of Speedy’s absence, we presented them their new belts, and held a small class just to break the place in a bit. Our intent from here is to keep that relationship going. So whether it’s once a month, or twice or whatever, we’re going to regularly visit and ensure that our wonderful little family continues to grow.

There have been factions in BJJ since day one. There are tons of different teams (which is necessary for competition I guess), but with that comes an alteration in school of thought. I think in certain places that harms the martial art itself, because you’re potentially excluding yourself from a new way of thinking. One team might be exceptional at leglocks, and another chokes but in limiting yourself you may hold yourself back.
I’ve read back on things like the Fadda/Gracie divide and can’t help but think, had they put their differences aside and teamed up, the art might have had its boom a lot sooner than UFC1. I could be completely wrong though, and it wouldn’t have left Brazil without that grand stage to excel on.

The Origin Jiu-Jitsu team is as you’d expect, is a team about protecting the art. Or at least that’s my interpretation of it. We’re of a Gracie lineage, but it doesn’t feel strict in that regard. It’s a very welcoming team and you’re encouraged to go and explore training elsewhere. Not to test yourself (although I guess you could), but to expand your ideas and concepts within the art itself. There is no archetype for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the same goes for Catch As Catch Can, or any other grappling art.
There’s none of this, you’re from team X so you can’t train with team Z with Origin. I like that, and I appreciate that I’m a part of it. We’re fortunate enough to have some truly incredible coaches, and I’ll always credit them highly, because they’re responsible for the direction I have taken in this art. Whatever I can do to help expand that, I will.

Scott and Shaun love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and they’ve got the enthusiasm and knowledge required to really expand our little family of joint destroyers and oxygen constrictors. This can only be a good thing.

Toodle pip.


Myself, Scott, Shaun & Grant.


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