Tyrone Elliot: Open Guard Wizard.

Welcome back to the dark abyss, the cess-pit that is my grapping mind. I haven’t written much of late, because my training has taken a dive into the realms of couch surfing. I hurt my shoulder a few weeks back, defending a monoplata, and thought it better to actually just take some downtime, since it FUCKING HURT. I’m easing myself back into training now that I’ve recovered, and things are still shitty. Things that didn’t hurt before, now hurt. Downtime will do that to you. It’s going to take a few more weeks to get back into the swing of things, back to where I was, a constant achey, numb mess of a man. But comfortable with it.
On the other hand, I’ve been playing Forza 6 on the Xbox One, and the other week I came 8th out of 1,500 in one of the online leagues. So I’m not a complete waste of space, y’know?

This is a post that will mostly focus on Tyrone Elliot. An open guard wizard from Newcastle. He trains under Speedy Elliot and Marc Walder. As you’ll probably have guessed, he is the son of one of these men (clue: it’s the one with Elliot as a second name).

Tyrone has been training BJJ since a very young age. His dad encouraged him to take it up as soon as he was old enough to understand and behave properly.
As such, it meant that when I first met him some five years ago, he was already a blue belt at around 15/16. He’s 20/21 now. I think… From day one he has been able to pull me apart limb from limb like a soft cheese. He’s been my mortal enemy ever since, unbeknownst to him.

Before the seminar started, there was some time to burn. I like to arrive early to these things, for a little meet and greet. I’ve know Tyrone for years, so I mainly just criticised his new jacket, and laughed at him a bit. I’m a dickhead like that.

I then had the privilege of rolling with a guy known only as Big Show.
Big Show is a white belt, who has been training for about 10 months under ‘Speedy’. He came along for the trip from Newcastle up to Dundee. We rolled light and friendly with one another. He uses his weight really well. He’s a big lad, but he’s not just crushing you down with his size, he’s shutting you down with correct technique, which is great to see, so early in his Jiu-Jitsu journey, if you want to call it that. As a purple belt, I struggled at times to shift him, because I was locked down so tightly. I think that shows off the strength of character that he has, his ability to learn, and the team around him. I wish I were as good as him, that early on.

I then had a quick roll with Tyrone. That was like forgetting how to eat Spaghetti. There was pasta, sauce and meatballs everywhere. I was a fucking mess. He’s just such a twisty little cunt. So technical. So fucking good. Anything I did try, fell completely flat. I had the great idea of working a bit of shin on shin guard, and he jumped into a triangle. My mind was pickled. I’d call him a wanker, but he’d beat me up.

So at one o’clock, everyone was raring to go, and Tyrone started the seminar.

There was a quick warmup to get our hips moving, for the techniques he was about to show. I partnered with Shaun. I’ve known him for years, and he’s a good training partner, because I can trust him not to be a complete cunthole.

All of the techniques we learned were from shin on shin, with grips on the sleeves. Whichever side you had shin on shin on, you’d pull their arm as far up yourself as possible. Preferably to your armpit. The side that you didn’t, you’d kick your foot into their bicep.

By splaying your legs apart, you were able to shift your opponents weight for a plethora of attacks. This offset their balance, and you had the choice of an easy sweep, a tight triangle, an omoplata, or a really tight straight armbar from the omoplata setup. If your opponent countered, you could follow this up with a rolling armbar, resulting in your opponent shitting their pants, as their arm explodes at the joint.

We also explored what happens when you fuck up. If you kick upwards rather than to the side. This encourages your opponent to stand, and how you then deal with that scenario. From here, he showed us how to take the single leg X, and pull a really effective sweep that leads into all sorts of nasties. Whether it’s a footlock, a knee bar, or whatever.

I’d go into more detail, but you should have been there, man. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE.

After the seminar, Tyrone made sure we understood the techniques. He did this by picking people at random to demonstrate each one. This was a nice touch, and often I think it’s one that’s missed. You can tell that even at a young age, he’s a great teacher.

To wrap up the day, we did some chess rolling (I do one move, you do one move). This really encourages you to think about your approach to Jiu-Jitsu.
We then had proper rolls. As you do.

My roll with Dom (brown belt) was absolute hell. Every time we roll, he bullies me. His small frame, and friendly demeanor is just a front for what is clearly, a truly horrible person. He started by pulling me into his guard and taking an armbar. It was so tight, I could feel the earth’s mantle as I hammered my free tapping hand into the ground. I’m not sure what hurt more. My arm, or my tapping hand being scalded by fictional magma. We’ll never know I guess. He played with me from there, showing off his greater grappling mind, and array of attacks from everywhere. It was like getting chucked into a cement mixer. Cheers Dom.

All in all though, the day was great. Tyrone was a great teacher, and Big Show and Dom were perfect companions to bring with him. As they’re great guys.

I look forward to the next seminar. Next up is the obvious group photo. Look out for a confused, broken man in a purple Gi. And of course details of how to book Tyrone for your own seminars. I’d thoroughly recommend him, as his teachers David ‘Speedy’ Elliot and Marc Walder have done a great job, in raising him to be an extremely technical grappler, and well versed teacher.

Peace out.

Standard awkward group shot, post-seminar.

Standard awkward group shot, post-seminar.

The man himself, and all of his info.

The man himself, and all of his info.


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