Fighting Fit.

When you stick in at all this grappling nonsense, you quickly acclimatize to the harsh reality that you’ll be training with people on their very worst day. We don’t know what’s wrong with our training partners all the time but it doesn’t matter, because in this proposed ego-less environment it just shouldn’t be a factor.
They could be injured, ill (not contagious obviously) or suffering some sort of mental deficit (stress for instance).  Likewise, you could be that person.
It’s why singing your victories and damning your defeats is a futile thing to do. Tapping Mr. X 1,000,000 times is worthless when Mr. X has some debilitating condition, preventing them from putting in even 5% of the effort they normally can. You’ve not won anything. It’s something I’ve always beared in mind when leaving the gym. Sure’s it good to tap the cunt that you normally struggle with, but you don’t know for sure whether that’s your progression or their regression due to some unknown ill.

As recently documented on this very blog, for a good while now my gut has been the bane of my life. I vistied Doctor Sensible last week, who actually fucking listened to me (a rare feat in doctors), and gave me some medication to try. After a horrendous few days of awful side effects (no-one needs anorectal pain in their life), I’m clear of my past ills – for now. I actually feel healthy for a change. It’s a novelty, but my focus from here will be sticking to this medication and continuing on this path. Being ill for as long as I was, was very fatiguing. So my hope now is that I can reclaim lost ground, as it were.

I got to go into class tonight under the guise of being fighting fit (ignore the fact that I’m far heavier than I look, I’ll work on that). I adhered to Billy’s circulum and explored techniques within it too, thanks to a very good training partner in Ronnie. He’s someone that’ll allow me to play about with techniques, but I don’t take the piss; explaining the reasoning behind what I’m doing or trying to do at that particular moment. Linking it into what’s being taught.

I felt very fucking fluid tonight. For the first time in a long while. Sure I’ve got work to do, but the passing the guard/sweep or submit drills that I would normally have quite a battle in, felt enjoyable, flowy and effecient. It’s not a new feeling, it’s just not one I haven’t felt in a while.
I’m pretty happy with being a lazy grappler through choice, but if it’s against my will (ie health), then it really fucking fucks me off. I’m going to do everything I can to get back to that choice.

Right, piss off.


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