So Much Jits.

Training has been going well of late. I’ve been averaging two classes a week, which doesn’t sound like much but I’ve spent a lot of the last six months absent. So it feels like a whole new world of hurt. I can feel myself getting fitter again. The most important thing though, is that Jiu-Jitsu is my therapy. It’s a physical activity that gives me focus, confidence and something to work towards.
It squashes whatever doubts or struggles I have in life, and allows me to go fucking nuts on the mats, as I try to twist someone’s head off like a bottlecap. Without Jiu-Jitsu, I’m a really fucking horrible person. With it though, I’m a really fucking horrible person, learning how to choke the fucking life out of you.

Billy’s upped his teaching massively. Knocking it out of the park week after week, as he breaks down the basics, and the finite details involved in each technqiue.
There’s far less waffle, which is impressive, because he used to slap out more waffle than a New York Diner.
We’ve been working the basics, and how they link into one another from the simple setup of a collar grip and a sleeve grip on the same side. Triangle, kimura, armbar, guillotine, cross collar, omplata. We’re creating a spider web. Or branches, or whatever analogy you want to settle on.

Regrettably, last week there was a bit of drama in the club. Danny, one of the scrappiest white belts you’ll ever meet caught me in a triangle. Naturally, I buckled down and made sure he didn’t tap me. He was close though. Wanker.
It’s great to see someone developing like he is, so young in their grappling tenure. For a moment, I considered putting a hit out on him.
Luckily, I didn’t have to bother… Danny rolled with a much larger opponent, and whilst they tried to pass his tricky guard, his knee decided to make a sound similar to whip being snapped. So that was nice.
Danny took it like a man, and buried his head deep into the mats so that he could cry internally as the pain surged through his knee. Sloany was on hand to take him up to A&E and find out what the hell happened. It turns out, it’s only a very nasty sprain of the MCL, which is about the best result you could wish for after your knee silenced a whole fucking room.
The guy that Danny was sparring with is close to double his weight, so it could’ve been a full explosion of the knee. It’s not, thank fuck. He’ll be hobbling about like an invalid for a while, but he’ll be back on the mats in the coming weeks to attempt that triangle again.

On Sunday just passed, Speedy’s beloved boy Tyrone came up to visit (he’s a brown belt), and put on a wee seminar for us Dundee folks. I’ve known this little twerp for far too many years now (he’s been kicking fuck out of me since he was a kid), so I decided to get a private before the seminar.
The private was ace. We covered some half guard details that I’ll be playing about with in the coming weeks, with the hope to implement them into my game.
We also covered a different approach to the omoplata and refined the loop choke that I love so much.
The actual seminar was a follow on from his last seminar. We worked more open guard sweeps and submissions. The spider guard and lasso can be a minefield of agony. The lasso especially when done correctly (something I’ve seemingly never done before) is fucking brutal on the shoulder.
Tyrone’s great at taking a complicated technique, and making it very simple and easy to understand. You can see the influence in his teaching, thanks to people like Speedy and Marc guiding him throughout his life. He’s a very competant grappler, and a real assett to our little team of mat bastards.

Monday night’s class covered the armbar from guard, the armbar failing, and then leading into the pendulum sweep. The focused rolling afterwards was great fun too. The aim wasn’t to hunt for submissions, but to find them whilst rolling, as you explored positions. This gave me an opportunity to play, and try to flow.

To wrap up, old man Billy asked me to cover the loop choke in class this evening, because I have a relatively high success rate with it (I’ve been playing with it ever since Neil caught me with it, yonks ago). I kept it basic, and hopefully explained it well, but time will tell. It’s a bonafide killer, so it’ll be nice to see how the other members in the club start utilising it (I’m currently the only person that actively works it).
I showed Sloany, Craig and Billy a variation I’ve been working on. It’s from the turtle, and is basically a reverse kataha jime. If the loop choke fails, this is there for a guaranteed-patent-pending-you’re-going-to-sleep-and-shitting-your-pants-choke. 

I think that about covers everything! Hopefully that wasn’t too boring a read for you all, and I’ll be back again soon. HUZZAH!

Tyrone’s Seminar – What this lacks in symmetry, it makes up for in sweat.


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