Kicking it Old School.

After Monday’s disasterous class, I put a bit more thought into tonight’s. A few people gave some insight into similar experiences, and others imparted some wisdom on how to avoid a similar story. So that was much appreciated. They know who they are, the glorious shits.

I’ve been speaking to Grant, a good friend and training partner of mine since day dot with all this grapple-lark. I mentioned how good it would be to teach some of the old stuff, to the new guard (that’s clever wordplay there). Grant agreed, and had already been running through it at another club that he’s been teaching at recently, called Granite Strength & Fitness.

Yeeears ago (almost six in fact), Speedy showed us a series of Gi chokes from closed guard. What made them so mind-meltingly special was how you used the Gi like a rope to choke your opponent. The idea is to punch an open Gi through to your opponent’s back and pass it over to your other hand. This creates a very tight lapel that doesn’t move like a collar does. Chokes like the cross-collar choke, become insanely powerful. We played with a few, and ended on the puppet-master triangle. A technique we affectionately dubbed, because you turn your opponent into a puppet by using the lapel to control their free arm with your foot. It’s a complete disservice what I’m describing right now, but I remember the epiphanal moment when I trained it for the first time. The lightbulb went off in my head, burst into flames and killed everyone inside. It’s absolute magic.

Grant and I took turns demoing techniques tonight. Pointing out the finer details to those that needed it, and generally delivering a good fun lesson plan to the class. As a result, I’m far better spirited than I was on Monday. I was fucking miserable, but now I’m back to my usual jovial self (scathing evil little cunt).



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