Ninja Shit.

Let’s be honest. We didn’t get into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self defense. The realest, and illest killers got into this mastery of limb destruction, and oesophageal terror to become modern day ninjas. This is the closest you’re ever going to get to pulling off some ridiculous move, that no-one will believe anyway.

Tonight Grant lead the class, and in the spirit of kicking it old school like we did on Wednesday, we’re revisiting old techniques (we’d discussed prior to this class). Once you get to a certain level in this sport, you have to start thinking about where you’ve been before, and why you ditched certain techniques.
There can be many reasons why you’ll get rid of a technique, but you’ve got to be real with yourself. It didn’t fit your game. You’ve been plagued by an injury, and you have a mental barrier. You thought it was absolute fucking toss. Or even after tons of drilling, you still don’t get this move, so it’s easier to fuck it off.

Tonight we revisted some spider guard stuff, that I haven’t thought about in years. I’d actually forgotten how to even comprehend doing them. Luckily though, my body hadn’t. Once Grant demo’d the techniques, I had a epiphanal grappling moment. God spoke to me. He said, S’UP DAWG. YOU CAN DO THIS PLAYA. I don’t know why God is so urban all of a sudden, but I just rolled with it.

The first technique was a spider guard sweep. Lasso, opponent tries to pass, you c-cup or pant grab the leg and use your shin on their hips to blast them over like an angry bag of potatoes.
The second technique was an omoplata. This could be approached two ways. Spider guard, reaching through to the pant leg on the side you want to take the omoplata, granby roll to finish. If you had difficulty with this, you could create space for yourself by coming up onto a knee prior to the granby.
The third and final technique was everyone’s favourite/the class destroyer (you either got it or you didn’t. It’s difficult, see). A spider guard, granby triangle. The trick to this is how you launch into the triangle. It’s a move of momentum, and it takes a lot of work to understand what the hell you’re actually doing.

Afterwards, we rolled. I didn’t embarass myself in any of my rolls tonight, which is great. I try to put myself into precarious positions, without actually being hurt by them. It backfires sometimes, but not TONIGHT. Oh no, ninja shit tonight.

Right, toodles.


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