Welcome Back.

Last week I had to skip BJJ, because some heinous fucking shite-the-bed decided to give me the cold. I’m not a big fan of training with the cold, because all you’re going to achieve is infecting everyone else. Which means less training partners. Fuck that noise.

So this week, feeling fit and healthy (lethargic and uninterested), I charged down to class to see what wares Billy The Yoda would have in store.
As if to say welcome back Barry, Billy has switched the class up again, having us do a brief warm up, followed by rolling for a solid hour. Once you’re physically and mentally destroyed, he opens the class up to questions. Where did you go wrong? Where are you getting trapped? Etc. This forum approach at the end allows the lower belts to learn something applicable to them, whilst the higher belts tighten shit up.

When you know you’re going to roll for an hour, you have to be conscious of what you have in the tank. You just can’t roll like a dickhead, because that one ‘good’ roll will be at the expense of every other roll you do that night. It’s great to look at people at the end of the rolls, and see who’s alive, and who’s dead.

For too long, the classes were getting a bit overwhelming. Billy’s wealth of knowledge can sometimes drown me in information. So we’ll run through what feels like 4,000,000 techniques, for me to only take away one – just before having that technique smashed right out of me by a brute like Frank.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed this new approach. I’m coming out of class phyiscally and mentally stronger, and I can feel that immediately. I’m not getting tired during rolls, and the drill time at the end has allowed me to experiment techniques with trusted training partners. Concepts that I’ve been playing with for a while are tying together as a result. This is a fucking great feeling.

Billy’s going to continue teaching like this for a while, and I look forward to every second. That’s not to say I don’t welcome other teaching methods, but for now, this is straight up magic. And to quote big bastard Hagrid, “You’re a fucking ninja, Barry.”



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