I started BJJ properly in November 2010. Here’s a summary of how I’ve progressed.

White Belt.

13th February 2011 – 1st & 2nd stripe.

8th May 2011 – 3rd stripe.

4th September 2011 – 4th stripe.

Blue Belt.

15th April 2012 – Blue belt.

17th February 2013 – 1st stripe.

27th October 2013 – 2nd stripe.

24th May 2014 – 3rd & 4th stripe.

Purple Belt.

22nd November 2014 – Purple belt.

9th May 2015 – 1st stripe.

7th November 2015 – 2nd stripe.

19th November 2016 – 3rd stripe.

Purpleh Belteh.

Purpleh Belteh.

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